So happy in public
so sad in closed doors
i wanted to talk about it
I wanted to scream
I wanted to yell
I wanted to shout about it
But all i could whisper was “im fine”
I am trying to runaway
Trying to runaway from my problems
But life kept bringing me down
Actually im extremely dissatisfied with being who i am
I cant cry or laugh anymore
Everything started to fall out of space
Every damn thing all at once
Shall i just open my eyes to this reality ang give up?
nobody said it would be easy but no one ever said that this is going to be this hard



You know you’ll be okay but you still feel awful

You know people love you but it doesn’t feel like they do

You know doing something will make you feel better but you just don’t know how to

You want to be well but you just can’t seem to get there

A Farewell

All those hard times
All those trials
I know it’s hard
The feeling of being alone
Just like what you said
It feels like falling into lethargy
You tried to overcome it
Finding a way through out
But it just doesn’t work
So you gave up
You gave me happiness
A precious memories
That cannot be erased
And I’m very proud of you
For all you’ve done
But you’ve had enough
And you’ve finally decided
Always remember you are not alone
You did well, my friend